ICWL-SETE 2018 Program



Presenter Instructions

Normal papers and short papers have been allocated 25 and 20 minutes respectively. Please prepare your talk accordingly allowing about 5 minutes of questions from the audience.

Please report to your session venue at least 10 minutes before start to meet Session Chair and test you PC.

It is expected that each speaker has his own PC for presenting. As back-up also bring your talk on USB - in case of technical difficulties your fellow speakers should be happy to help you out.


SETE 2018 Program

Outline Program

SETE paper sessions


(SETE S1A) Emerging Technologies of Design, Model and Framework of Learning Systems

Chair: Kannikar Intawong

- Blanka Klímová and Aleš Berger. Evaluation of the Use of Mobile Application in Learning English Vocabulary and Phrases – A Case Study

- Wei-Bo Huang, Ling-Xi Ruan, Jiang-Hui Liu and Xiao-Dan Li. Adaptive Learning System for Foreign Language Writing Based on Big Data

- Dagmar El-Hmoudova and Irena Loudova. Implementation of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in Blackboard LMS and its Reflection on Tertiary Students’ Second Language Performance

- Gabriel Badea, Elvira Popescu, Andrea Sterbini and Marco Temperini. A Service-Oriented Architecture for Student Modeling in Peer Assessment Environments


(SETE S2A) Emerging Technologies Support for Intelligent Tutoring

Chair: Elvira Popescu

- Marcel Pikhart. Technology enhanced learning experience in intercultural business communication course: A Case Study

- Adriana Botha, Riana Steyn, Lizette Weilbach and Erika Muller. Using the iPeer LMS feature to evaluate peer participation in teamwork for assessment “as learning”: Lessons learned

- Adriana Botha, Hanlie Smuts and Carina de Villiers. Applying Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Learning Management System Feature Implementation in Higher Education: Lessons Learned


(SETE S2B) Emerging Technologies Support for Game-Based and Joyful Learning

Chair: Parot Ratnapinda

- Riana Steyn, Adriana Botha and Nita Mennega. Is a picture truly worth a thousand words? Infographics for undergraduate teaching

- Hana Mohelska and Marcela Sokolova. Collaborative style of teaching and learning with information and communication technology (ICT) from university teachers and student’s perspectives.

- Sarka Hubackova. Geocaching as Unconventional Method for Foreign Language Teaching


(SETE S3A) Emerging Technologies of Pedagogical Issues

Chair: Klímová Blanka

- Shili Ge and Xiaoxiao Chen. A Corpus-based Study on the Distribution of Business Terms in Business English Writing

- Vaclav Zubr. Dimension of a Learning Organisation in the IT Sector in the Czech Republic – Case Study

- Libuse Svobodova and Miloslava Cerna. Economic aspects of corporate education and use of advanced technologies


(SETE S4A ) Emerging Technologies of Pedagogical Issues

Chair: Adriana Botha

- Ying Xu. Investigating the validity of using automated writing evaluation in EFL writing assessment

- Ivana Simonova. Emerging Technologies and Assessment Preferences in Learning English through CLIL/EMI

- Xiaojing Weng, Haoran Xie and Yi Cai. Assessment Framework of English Language Proficiency for Talent Seeking Platforms at Pearl River Delta Region


(UMLL1) International Symposium on User Modeling and Language Learning

Chair: Tianyong Hao

- Xieling Chen, Juntao Hao, Songshou Hua and Tianyong Hao. A Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Status of the Technology Enhanced Language Learning

- Ruifeng Xu and Zhiyuan Wen. Evaluation of Cooperative Learning in Graduate Course of Natural Language Processing

- Ruoyao Ding, Xiaoyi Pan, Yingying Qu, Cathy H. Wu and K. Vijay-Shanker. Protein Complex Mention Recognition with Web-based Knowledge Learning


(UMLL2) International Symposium on User Modeling and Language Learning

Chair: Tianyong Hao

- Yuanyuan Mu, Lu Tian and Wenting Yang. Towards a Knowledge Management Model for Online Translation Learning

- Lu Tian, Yuanyuan Mu and Wenting Yang. Designing a Platform-facilitated and Corpus-assisted Translation Class

- Nana Jin, Zili Chen and Jin Wang. Users’ Stickiness to English Vocabulary Learning APPs in China


(ETLTL1) International Workshop on Educational Technology for Language and Translation Learning

Chair: Shili Ge

- Weihua Du. Website and Literature Teaching: Teaching Experiment of Literary Texts at the Beginning of German Studies in China

- Lidan Chen. Use Corpus Keywords to Design Activities in Business English Instruction

- Dongyun Sun. Towards an Electronic Portfolio for Translation Teaching Aligned with China's Standards of English Language Ability