International Workshop on Educational Technology for Language and Translation Learning ETLTL1

Session chairs
  -   Shili Ge
Website and Literature Teaching Experiment of Literary Texts at the Beginning of German Studies in China
  -   Weihua Du.
Use Corpus Keywords to Design Activities in Business English Instruction
  -   Lidan Chen
Towards an Electronic Portfolio for Translation Teaching Aligned with China's Standards of English Language Ability
  -   Dongyun Sun

ICWL Welcome

  -   Marc Spaniol and Ralf Klamma

Springer Invited Talk

Using Kernels to Harness the Complexity of Big Data Applications in E-Learning
  -   Professor Benjamin W. Wah

Learning Assessment & Behavior (30 minutes each) ICWL S1A

ICWL Session chairs
  -   Sayan Unankard
A Support Platform for Computer Programming Education Based on Automated Assessment and Peer Learning
  -   Andrea Sterbini, Marco Temperini and Elvira Popescu
A Badge for Reducing Open Answers In Peer Assessment
  -   Dana Šuníková, Zuzana Kubincová and Martin Homola
Leverage the learning behaviour of students in online courses with personalised interventions
  -   Athanasios Staikopoulos and Owen Conlan

Case Studies (30 minutes each) ICWL S1B

ICWL Session chairs
  -   Baltasar Fernandez-Manjon
Technology Enhanced Learning for Senior Citizens
  -   Carlos Vaz de Carvalho
A Study of Students’ Conception of Problem Situations: Using Conceptualization in Scenario-Based Learning
  -    Preecha Tangworakitthaworn, Lester Gilbert and Urairat Maneerattanasak
Investigating users' decision-making process while searching online and their shortcuts towards understanding
  -   Marcelo Tibau, Sean Siqueira, Bernardo Pereira Nunes, Maria Bortoluzzi, Ivana Marenzi and Philipp Kemkes

Augmented Reality & Collaborative Learning (30 minutes each) ICWL S2A

ICWL Session chairs
  -   Elvira Popescu
An Augmented Reality Framework for Gamified Learning
  -   Benedikt Hensen, István Koren, Ralf Klamma and Andreas Herrler
A Collaborative STEM Project with Educational Mobile Robot on Escaping The Maze: Prototype Design and Evaluation
  -    Charoenchai Wongwatkit, Pakpoom Prommool, Ratchanon Nobnop, Siwaporn Boonsamuan and Rodjana Suwan
Collaborative Non-Linear Storytelling Around 3D Objects
  -   Peter de Lange, Petru Nicolaescu, Jan Benscheid and Ralf Klamma

Short paper session (20 minutes each) ICWL S2B
Learning Content Management & Experience Sharing

ICWL Session chairs
  -   Marco Temperini
Authoring Adaptive Digital Computational Thinking Lessons using vTutor for Web-Based Learning
  -   Hasan Jamil, Xin Mou, Robert Heckendorn and Clinton Jeffery
Effects of Introducing a Game-Based Student Response System into a Flipped, Person-Centered Classroom on Object-Oriented Design
  -    Dominik Dolezal, Alexandra Posekany, Renate Motschnigand Robert Pucher
Semantic Graph-Based Approach for Japanese Vocabulary Learning Game
  -   Ratsameetip Wita, Thanabhorn Treeratsakulchai, Sahussarin Oly, Sununta Choomok and Surarat Wita
Support for Overcoming Pedagogical Issues in Primary School Tablet-based Classroom Environments
  -   Hsu Nang and Antony Harfield

Game-based Learning (30 minutes each) ICWL S3A & ICWL DC

ICWL Session chairs
  -   Zuzana Kubincova
A Mobile Game-based Virtual Reality for Learning Basic Plant Taxonomy: Contextual Analysis and Prototype Development
  -   Jintana Wongta, Takdanai Thadapirom, Sahassawat Runganothai, Pakin Chutipanich and Charoenchai Wongwatkit
Making understandable Game Learning Analytics for teachers
  -    Antonio Calvo-Morata, Cristina Alonso-Fernandez, Manuel Freire Morán, Ivan Martinez-Ortiz and Baltasar Fernandez-Manjon
[DC Paper] Study of Future EFL Teachers’ ICT Competence and Its Development under the TPCK Framework
  -   Xiaojun Wang and Jiří Dostál

Emerging Technologies of Design, Model and Framework of Learning Systems SETE S1A

SETE Session chairs
  -   Dr.Kannikar Intawong
Evaluation of the Use of Mobile Application in Learning English Vocabulary and Phrases – A Case Study
  -   Blanka Klímová and Aleš Berger
Adaptive Learning System for Foreign Language Writing Based on Big Data
  -    Wei-Bo Huang, Ling-Xi Ruan, Jiang-Hui Liu and Xiao-Dan Li
Implementation of Assessment for Learning (AfL) in Blackboard LMS and its Reflection on Tertiary Students’ Second Language Performance
  -    Dagmar El-Hmoudova and Irena Loudova
A Service-Oriented Architecture for Student Modeling in Peer Assessment Environments
  -    Gabriel Badea, Elvira Popescu, Andrea Sterbini and Marco Temperini

ICWL Invited Talk supported by ACM

Learning Via A Student-Led Open Source Demonstration Project
  -   Professor Kang Zhang

Emerging Technologies Support for Intelligent Tutoring SETE S2A

SETE Session chairs
  -   Elvira Popescu
Technology enhanced learning experience in intercultural business communication course: A Case Study
  -   Marcel Pikhart
Using the iPeer LMS feature to evaluate peer participation in teamwork for assessment “as learning”: Lessons learned
  -    Adriana Botha, Riana Steyn, Lizette Weilbach and Erika Muller
Applying Diffusion of Innovation Theory to Learning Management System Feature Implementation in Higher Education: Lessons Learned
  -    Adriana Botha, Hanlie Smuts and Carina de Villiers

Emerging Technologies Support for Game-Based and Joyful Learning SETE S2B

SETE Session chairs
  -   Parot Ratnapinda
Is a picture truly worth a thousand words? Infographics for undergraduate teaching
  -   Riana Steyn, Adriana Botha and Nita Mennega
Collaborative style of teaching and learning with information and communication technology (ICT) from university teachers and student’s perspectives.
  -    Hana Mohelska and Marcela Sokolova
Geocaching as Unconventional Method for Foreign Language Teaching
  -    Sarka Hubackova

Emerging Technologies of Pedagogical Issues SETE S3A

SETE Session chairs
  -   Klímová Blanka
A Corpus-based Study on the Distribution of Business Terms in Business English Writing
  -   Shili Ge and Xiaoxiao Chen
Dimension of a Learning Organisation in the IT Sector in the Czech Republic – Case Study
  -    Vaclav Zubr
Economic aspects of corporate education and use of advanced technologies
  -   Libuse Svobodova and Miloslava Cerna

Emerging Technologies of Pedagogical Issues SETE S4A

SETE Session chairs
  -   Adriana Botha
Investigating the validity of using automated writing evaluation in EFL writing assessment
  -   Ying Xu
Emerging Technologies and Assessment Preferences in Learning English through CLIL/EMI
  -    Ivana Simonova
Assessment Framework of English Language Proficiency for Talent Seeking Platforms at Pearl River Delta Region
  -   Xiaojing Weng, Haoran Xie and Yi Cai

International Symposium on User Modeling and Language Learning UMLL1

Session chairs
  -   Tianyong Hao
A Bibliometric Analysis of the Research Status of the Technology Enhanced Language Learning
  -   Xieling Chen, Juntao Hao, Songshou Hua and Tianyong Hao
Evaluation of Cooperative Learning in Graduate Course of Natural Language Processing
  -    Ruifeng Xu and Zhiyuan Wen
Protein Complex Mention Recognition with Web-based Knowledge Learning
  -   Ruoyao Ding, Xiaoyi Pan, Yingying Qu, Cathy H. Wu and K. Vijay-Shanker

International Symposium on User Modeling and Language Learning UMLL2

Session chairs
  -   Tianyong Hao
Towards a Knowledge Management Model for Online Translation Learning
  -   Yuanyuan Mu, Lu Tian and Wenting Yang
Designing a Platform-facilitated and Corpus-assisted Translation Class
  -    Lu Tian, Yuanyuan Mu and Wenting Yang
Users’ Stickiness to English Vocabulary Learning APPs in China
  -   Nana Jin, Zili Chen and Jin Wang